Shocking Revelations: GOP Front-Runners Unite to Condemn FBI’s Handling of Durham Report…

Shocking Revelations: GOP Front-Runners Unite to Condemn FBI's Handling of Durham Report

Republican presidential candidates are blasting the FBI after Special Counsel John Durham’s report criticised the agency’s activities during the 2016 investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign and its potential ties to Russia.

“It’s a top law enforcement agency that didn’t follow the laws,” Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said on Fox News Tuesday. “To witness what occurred is unimaginable. This needs to be discussed. Anyone who touched it or had a hand in it should be sacked, as should all of their senior executives. When it comes to this, the FBI has completely lost credibility, and they have a lot of work to do to regain the faith of the American people.”

Durham’s 306-page report accuses the FBI of applying a double standard by vigorously investigating Russia’s ties to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign while soft-pedaling similar charges about foreigners trying influence over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“THEY ARE SCUM, LIKE COCKROACHES ALL OVER WASHINGTON, D.C.,” the former president wrote early Tuesday morning on Truth Social. “Congratulations to John Durham on a Report that is being lauded by friend and foe alike for its quality, significance, and professionalism.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has yet to declare his presidential candidature, stated that there is a “need to clean house at these agencies.”

“The Durham Report confirmed what we already knew: weaponized federal agencies manufactured a false conspiracy theory about Trump-Russia collusion,” DeSantis tweeted. “It reminds us that we need to clean house at these agencies, as they’ve never been held accountable for this egregious abuse of power.”

Vivek Ramaswamy, who announced his candidature in February, asked on Monday to “shut down the FBI” in response to the report’s release.

“In 1964, the FBI attempted to blackmail Martin Luther King Jr. into committing suicide.” “Nearly 60 years later, the same administrative agency is still targeting and destroying its political opponents,” Ramaswamy remarked on Twitter. “This has to come to an end.” Close down the FBI – and yes, this is far more doable than it appears.”

Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who announced his candidature last month, has advocated for reform rather than a complete shutdown.

“The Durham report today chastised the FBI for failing to uphold the rule of law.” This strengthens my desire to reform the FBI and limit the scope of its jurisdiction,” Hutchinson stated on Twitter. “Excellent people. “All that is required is more focus and accountability.”

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