The opposition to Joe Biden’s reelection is astonishingly large

The opposition to Joe Biden's reelection is astonishingly large.

Joe Biden, the president, maintains that he hasn’t decided whether to seek reelection. The general public has, nevertheless.

According to a recent national Marquette Law School poll released on Thursday, 72% of Americans stated they do not want Biden to run again in 2024. This is a startling statistic, especially given that Biden’s approval rating in the same poll was reasonably high (for him) at 45%.

It’s hardly surprising, then, that a sizable portion of the American public believes Biden is performing poorly and wants him to go. Just about everyone, regardless of political affiliation, doesn’t want him to run for office again in two years.

Biden’s exit from politics is popular among both Republicans (88% don’t want him to run again) and independents (79% don’t want him to run again). Even among the Democratic voters who make up Biden’s core support, his results on the issue are mixed, with 52% of them saying he should run again and the other 48% saying he shouldn’t.

Large majorities of Democrats wanted their party to choose someone other than Biden for president in 2024, according to polls taken over the summer by AWN and the New York Times/Siena College.

Since the pollster did not ask respondents to provide a justification for their doubt, it is not immediately evident why so many respondents in the Marquette poll tilt against a Biden reelection run. But prior surveys have indicated that Americans’ concerns about Biden serving a second term are significantly influenced by his old age – he is 79 and will turn 82 shortly after the 2024 election.

Whatever the motivations, it’s obvious that Democratic leaders have understood the message regarding Biden. As evidence, have a look at Nancy Pelosi’s response when asked by AWN on Thursday if Biden should run again or stand down in 2024.

Pelosi answered, “President Biden is the President of the United States.” “He rendered invaluable service to our nation. Let’s not forget that he defeated Trump. I won’t get into the politics of whether or not the President should run.

Which does not address the query that was posed to her!

Other Democrats have been more open than Pelosi to express their reservations about Biden’s re-election.

Rep. Tim Ryan, the Democratic candidate for the open Senate seat in Ohio, stated in a recent interview that “my instinct is that we need new leadership across the board – Democrats, Republicans, I think it’s time for a generational transition.” “The President indicated from the very beginning he was going to be a bridge to the next generation, which is basically what I was saying,” Ryan continued.

(Fact check: It is real! Biden stated, “Look, I consider myself as a bridge, not as anything else,” during a campaign rally in March 2020.

A new generation of engaging, prepared, and vibrant Democrats should step up, Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips urged over the summer.

Carolyn Maloney, a representative from New York, stated that she didn’t “think [Biden] is running for re-election.” (She later expressed regret and her desire for Biden to run.)

Angie Craig, a representative from Minnesota, added: “I would say we need new leaders in Washington across the board for the Democratic Party.”

It’s incredibly unclear how much Biden’s own party’s reservations and surveys like this one will matter. His supporters will point out that in the same Marquette poll, Biden is currently ahead of both former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in potential general election matches. Additionally, a sizable majority of those polled (69%) indicated they didn’t want Trump to run for president again in 2024.

Additionally, it’s likely that the media coverage of a Biden campaign announcement – perhaps somewhere in the spring of 2016 – would alter Americans’ opinions on whether he should run for office again.

But the reality is that Biden has a perception hill to climb right now. Simply put, the majority of Americans do not want him to seek reelection.

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