Trump Secures Massive Endorsement Wave: 50 West Virginia State Legislature Backings…

Trump Secures Massive Endorsement Wave: 50 West Virginia State Legislature Backings

There has been an early show of strength from the former president as the campaign gets going, with over half of the West Virginia state legislature endorsing Donald Trump in the Republican primary.

A statement signed by members of the state House of Delegates and Senate and acquired by AWN states, “As President, Donald J. Trump fought for conservative Republican principles and delivered responsible America First policies that greatly benefited West Virginia, our nation, and the world.” In his service to our country, President Trump has shown courage and determination, valiantly responding to attacks while remaining unwavering in his dedication to the American people.

Forty West Virginia House of Delegates members and 10 Senate members have signed the letter. Boone County Delegate Josh Holstein spearheaded the group, which includes just under half of the state’s Republican legislators (there are 100 seats in the House of Delegates, with 89 held by Republicans, and 34 in the state Senate, with 31 held by Republicans).

“There hasn’t been a significant increase in West Virginia. There is widespread support for the President. Holstein, who claims to have worked with the Trump campaign to organise the letter, stated, “He is absolutely considered to be the leader of the party and in West Virginia and many of us are happy to jump on early and support them on behalf of our constituents.”

Some endorsers have flipped between Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ 2024 campaigns due to the fierce rivalry for support.

From what Holstein has gathered, some of the politicians he has spoken with are remaining uncommitted until after the primary, “or they feel like they don’t want to upset any of their constituents.”

Even though they back the president, the people he spoke with all said they planned to take a non-partisan stance, he said. I’m overjoyed by the support of so many lawmakers. That’s an excellent sum, in my opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if that number doubles or triples in the following several months.

In both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, Trump received roughly 68% of the vote in West Virginia. In addition, Trump easily won the state’s 2016 presidential primary, with 77% of the vote. Throughout his presidency, he maintained his popularity in the state and made several trips there.

On May14, 2024, West Virginia holds its primary election.

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