Breaking News: Controversial Move Calls for Mayor Santos to Step Down!

Breaking News: Controversial Move Calls for Mayor Santos to Step Down!

Rep. George Santos should resign, Mayor Eric Adams declared on Friday.

Adams, who, unlike most Democrats, committed just two weeks ago to work with the pariah Republican congressman who represents portions of Queens and Long Island, altered his tune during an interview with CBS 2 News.

“I feel he should leave,” Adams remarked. “I believe he should step down. What you see is incomprehensible, and I believe it will only obstruct what has to be done in Congress this year.”

Adams has repeatedly urged the federal government to solve the immigration situation, which has strained city resources with the entry of roughly 41,000 asylum applicants since last year.

Earlier this month, Adams stopped short of encouraging Santos to quit, despite calls from the congressman’s own party for him to resign over false claims he made about his history, ranging from his Jewish ancestry to his investment banking profession.

“I don’t think my view matters here,” Adams remarked of Santos during a press conference discussing the city budget on January 12. “We’re not leaving any stone unturned in terms of who we should meet with to ensure that New Yorkers have access to the resources they require.”

Santos is facing various investigations, and a recent poll shows that the majority of New Yorkers want him to quit.

“I think the voters have to make that decision,” Adams said on CBS 2 on Friday, “but personally, I believe it’s time for him to depart.”

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