Hunter Biden Exposed: Prosecutor’s Closed-Door Bombshells…

Hunter Biden Exposed: Prosecutor's Closed-Door Bombshells

Weiss also stated that the statute of limitations has expired for any allegations linked to 2014 and 2015, two years when the president’s son served on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma. His tax returns during that time period were under investigation. In his report, Weiss promised to discuss the choices made over that time period.

Weiss also plans to discuss a criminal referral his team got alleging that a lawyer broke campaign finance regulations by lending money to Hunter Biden to pay his overdue taxes. According to Biden’s legal team, the loan was not made until 2021, well after his father’s 2020 presidential bid had ended.

Within the clan

Hunter Biden served as attorney general of Delaware from 2007 until his death in 2015; Beau Biden was Hunter’s brother. Weiss claimed he did not know Beau Biden well. During that time, Weiss served as the interim U.S. attorney for the District of Delaware.

“I wasn’t friends with Beau Biden,” Weiss emphasised. My connection to Beau Biden was minimal, at best. I was the acting U.S. Attorney. Since he was the state’s top lawyer, our paths frequently crossed. That was the final chapter of our friendship.

According to an August report in The Washington Post, Weiss’s history of working with Beau Biden, who passed away in 2015 from brain cancer, “potentially complicates the probe.”
A plea bargain was never the final solution.

In June, Weiss’s team and Hunter Biden’s lawyers discussed a potential plea bargain that would have allowed Biden to avoid jail time for both the gun charges and the unrelated tax troubles that Weiss is looking into.

Biden’s legal team made it clear at the time that they viewed this agreement as signalling the end of the Justice Department’s investigation into the president’s son. However, Weiss claims that at that point, the inquiry was still ongoing.

In his words, “I can say that at no time was it coming to an end.” “I think, as I mentioned in the one comment I made at the time, the inquiry was continuing. In any case, that wasn’t where it was going to finish.”

A judge’s doubts regarding the validity of the plea arrangement ultimately led to its demise.
It is never advisable for cases to drag on.

Weiss made it clear that he hopes the probe, which was begun covertly in 2018, will conclude shortly when asked about its duration.

A Republican aide said, “Do you have any goal as to when you’d like to bring it to conclusion?”

“Two weeks ago,” Weiss chimed in. That’s a joke, of course, but no, I say. I know it’s never good for cases to drag on, so I’m interested in maximising efficiency.

“It’s been five years,” said the committee’s chairman, Republican Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, who was present for the interview.

Weiss answered, “I get it, Chairman.” “I do, in fact. Yes, without a doubt.

Jordan retorted, “So that doesn’t — you just used the term ‘linger,'” which is a contradiction in terms. “That doesn’t fit the definition of ‘linger’?”

Thank you for your question; I can see where you’re coming from,” Weiss responded.

A representative from the Department of Justice was contacted and said, “The transcript speaks for itself.”

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