Jim Jordan’s Controversial Campaign: A House Republican’s Warning…

Jim Jordan's Controversial Campaign: A House Republican's Warning

As Rep. Jordan and his friends try to bully their way into the speakership, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) has some words of wisdom for him:


On Sunday’s episode of CNN’s “State of the Union,” Crenshaw stated, “That is the dumbest way to support Jordan.”

My vote goes to Jordan. Vote Jordan, because he has my support. Crenshaw told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “As someone who wants Jim Jordan, the stupidest thing you can do is to continue piss off those people.”

After eight House Republicans voted to remove former Speaker Kevin McCarthy earlier this month, the majority of House Republicans supported Jordan, one of the original members of the House Freedom Caucus, to become speaker during a secret ballot last week.

There were 55 members of his caucus who were against Jordan’s nomination, significantly more than the few he could afford to lose. On Saturday, the Ohio Republican told AWN that he wants to be able to go to the floor on Tuesday, giving him very little time to secure the support of those unwilling to supporting him.

Members of Congress who are allies of Jordan have been all over the airwaves and social media, putting public pressure on the holdouts to support Jordan, who was backed for the position by former President Donald Trump.

Crenshaw said that this strategy would win them neither friends nor, more importantly, supporters.

Do you remember when you were one of the 20 against McCarthy and everyone was slamming you? That’s the question I ask folks who are taking that approach. It was Crenshaw on Sunday. Everyone needs to mature and pull themselves together. Let’s work out our disagreements, if any.”

“We need to have cool heads prevail,” he said.

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